Welcome to the future of Illumination and Renewable Energy
LED/Solar LED Illumination, Solar PV and Energy Storage Solutions

Integrated All-In-One Solar LED Lighting:

  • No Cabling
  • No Trenching
  • Zero Running Cost

LED Lumininaires:

  • Save up to 75% on lighting power consumption
  • High Efficiency >100 Lm/Watt
  • Driverless Technology. On board Constant Current Regulators. 
  • Not affected by power fluctuations / dirty power.
  • Built-In Surge Protection
  • Full range manufactured in South Africa for Africa
  • Large range of Retrofit modules for existing Luminaires
  • Range of Street Lights

Specialised Products:

  • LED Photolysis / Staining Dye Activators
  • Manufactured in South Africa
  • Custom Designed Options
  • Timer controlled
  • Eye protection
  • Various Wavelengths